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November 10, 2009: I have I have just finished checking and updating the "links" area of the site, adding a number of new resources.
My other stamp web site, dedicated to my study of the Swedish "Ring Type" issues remains under construction and redesign.

I am in the process of moving old pages and redesigning them so they will load faster, while also adding lots of new material. The site now has it's own domain name (as of October 2009)

Part of the site is available to collectors, but there are still many areas where information and photos have not yet been added.

Welcome to Peter Messerschmidt's stamp collecting pages, and the web site of Scandinavian Stamps, Etc.!

On this site, you'll find an assortment of information about Scandinavian Philately. On the My Collections pages, I share information about my areas of interest, including general collections of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as specialized collections of the Bicolour issue of Denmark, Swedish town cancels (ortstämplar), and finally a growing "Online Stamp Album" dedicated to my study of the 1872-1899 Ringtyp issue of Sweden-- including an ever-expanding catalogue of plate flaws.  

Maybe you have some unwanted duplicates lying around? Check out my Stamps Wanted pages-- I am often ready to buy the right material, or maybe we can make a trade. Looking for something to add to your collection? Visit my Stamps for Sale pages, where you'll find stamps for sale through a variety of online venues. Whether you're interested in new issues or classics, maybe there's something of interest to you.

Finally, don't miss the Links & Resources pages, which contain links and much useful information for the Scandinavia collector.
Who is this "Peter?" What is "Scandinavian Stamps, Etc.?"

I am a 49-year old Dane, now living in the Puget Sound area of Washington state, USA. I have been collecting stamps since I was 5 or 6 years old. My father would bring back worldwide stamps from the mail to his office, and teach me about geography and different cultures. I started collecting Denmark "seriously" when I was about 12. Today, I have general collections of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as specialized collections of the 1870-1905 Bicoloured issue of Denmark, the 1872-1899 Ringtyp issue of Sweden, and a collection of Swedish town cancels on Facit nos. 1-51. On a less serious note, I also collect stamps and covers with cats, and stamps cancelled on my birthday.

Scandinavian Stamps, Etc. is just a sort of "trade name" I use to sell any extra material I accumulate in the process of building my collections. I am not actually a "stamp dealer" since I don't make an income from stamps-- I suppose I am more of "a collector who also happens to sell stamps."
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Classic stamps from Denmark, Norway and Sweden
An XF 25 ore bicolour with plate flaw above D in DANMARK
From my collection of the Bicoloured stamps of Denmark: A 25 øre (Scott 32, AFA 29) with a large plate flaw by "D" in "DANMARK."
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